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Tel :  +33 (0)4 71 08 33 52 / +33 (0)6 73 40 24 44

Gîte Le Chalet d'Ambre - Accueil Gîte Le Chalet d'Ambre - Accueil

What’s on in Les Estables ?

Photos : winter 2020 -2021 in Les Estables

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Weather forecast

The geographical situation of Les Estables makes forecasts quite tricky at times, as none of the weather websites is right all the time, which means that all of them can be wrong !! So, don’t let them put you off, especially long term ones which are quite unreliable…

In winter, it is essential to check road conditions near Les Estables

Haute-Loire and Ardèche

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Superb view !!

Only  food shops will be open until Jan 20th.

On ly cross-country skiing  allowed

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